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"Home is Where the Coffee Is" Garden & House Banner | Coffee Time Classics

"Home is Where the Coffee Is" Garden & House Banner | Coffee Time Classics

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Transform Your Home and Garden with a Touch of Coffee-Inspired Charm

Imagine walking into your garden or coming home to a beautiful, personalized banner that speaks to your love for coffee. The "Home is Where the Coffee Is" Garden & House Banner by Coffee Time Classics is designed to bring a warm and inviting touch to any homestead or garden. Crafted from lightweight yet highly durable poly poplin-canvas fabric, this banner is built to last while showcasing your unique style.

Features and Specifications

Feature Description
Material 100% Poly poplin-canvas fabric
Sizes Available 12'' × 18'' and 24.5'' × 32''
Design Same design printed on both sides, flipped over long edge
Orientation Intended for vertical orientation designs
Additional Details Black inside lining
Mounting Features a sleeve at the top for easy placement on poles
Accessories Not Included Pole, hooks, or fasteners are not included

Why You'll Love It

  • Durability and Quality: Made with premium poly poplin-canvas fabric, this banner is both lightweight and incredibly durable, ensuring it withstands the elements while maintaining its vibrant design.
  • Versatile Sizes: Choose from two sizes to perfectly fit your space, whether it's a cozy corner of your garden or a prominent spot at the entrance of your home.
  • Easy to Display: The top sleeve design allows for effortless placement on poles, making it simple to hang and enjoy.
  • Double-Sided Design: Enjoy the same crisp, colorful design on both sides, ensuring your banner looks great from every angle.


  • Enhances Curb Appeal: Instantly uplift the look of your home or garden with a banner that reflects your personality and love for coffee.
  • Perfect Gift: This banner makes an ideal gift for coffee lovers and those who take pride in their home and garden decor.
  • Personalized Touch: With a design that's uniquely yours, this banner adds a special, personal touch to any outdoor space.

Elevate your outdoor decor with the "Home is Where the Coffee Is" Garden & House Banner. Embrace your love for coffee and create an inviting atmosphere that welcomes you home every day.

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