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Coffee Time Classics Signature Blend 12oz (Medium-Dark Roast, Flathead Valley)

Coffee Time Classics Signature Blend 12oz (Medium-Dark Roast, Flathead Valley)

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Indulge in the Coffee Time Classics Signature Blend, a 12oz package of Flathead Valley Coffee Blend. This medium-dark roast coffee is crafted for those who savor a deep body with bakers chocolate and caramelized sugar notes. Featuring warm spice, caramel, and dark chocolate tasting notes, this blend is sourced from the prime coffee-growing regions of Central America.

Product Features and Characteristics

General Information

Feature Description
Size 12oz (340g)
Roast Level Medium-Dark Roast
Growing Region Central America
Bean Options Whole bean or ground
Roasting Location USA
Certification Specialty Grade Craft Coffee (SCA)
Sourcing B Corp certified suppliers

Tasting Notes

Note Description
Primary Flavors Deep body, bakers chocolate, caramelized sugar
Secondary Flavors Warm spice, caramel, dark chocolate

Packaging Dimensions

Dimension Measurement
Height 9.02 inches (22.9 cm)
Width 4.02 inches (10.2 cm)
Depth 2.99 inches (7.6 cm)

Shipping Information

Information Details
Availability USA, its territories, and Canada
Restrictions Not eligible for Etsy, TikTok Shop US, or Walmart

Why Choose Coffee Time Classics Signature Blend?

Exquisite Flavor Profile

Savor the rich and deep flavors of the Flathead Valley Coffee Blend. This Medium-Dark Roast offers a delightful combination of deep body, bakers chocolate, and caramelized sugar, complemented by warm spice, caramel, and dark chocolate notes, creating a truly indulgent coffee experience.

Premium Quality and Freshness

Expertly roasted in small batches in the USA, this coffee is certified as "Specialty Grade Craft Coffee" by the SCA, ensuring the highest quality and freshest taste in every cup.

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing

Our beans are ethically and sustainably sourced through B Corp certified suppliers, supporting fair trade practices and environmental sustainability.

Versatile Brewing Options

Whether you prefer whole bean or ground coffee, the Flathead Valley Coffee Blend is versatile and perfect for any brewing method, making it an ideal choice for your coffee routine.

Experience the rich, balanced flavors of Coffee Time Classics Signature Blend with the Flathead Valley Coffee Blend. Enjoy the expertly crafted, ethically sourced coffee that promises superior quality and taste with every cup. Perfect for those who cherish premium medium-dark roast coffee

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